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Chalk it up to some nifty parking maneuvers, but Soul Parking, the tech-savvy parking solution from Indonesia, has just pulled off a mind-boggling 100x stunt on its top-line revenue in just three years. “Hold the applause, there’s more,” they say.

  • Start Your Engines: It all started with an audacious vision to tackle urban mobility woes. And, boy, have they delivered! Their green signal towards sustainable growth has secured them pole position in Indonesia’s urban mobility grand prix.
  • CEO on the Mic: “Our tremendous growth? It’s all about innovation, customer happiness, and a little love for Mother Earth,” beams Kenneth Darmansjah, the company’s numero uno.
  • Growth Spurt: With AC Ventures cheering them from the sidelines, their growth trajectory is nothing short of a rocket launch.
  • Hardware-as-a-Service: Soul Parking is vrooming ahead with a new business model offering parking equipment and systems rental, minimizing upfront costs for landowners.
  • B2B Focus: With strategic partnerships and a keen eye on the B2B market, Soul Parking has crafted bespoke offerings for different industry stakeholders.

So strap in, because Soul Parking is driving full throttle towards an efficient, tech-enabled future for urban mobility in Indonesia.

Let’s hear it for this parking maverick, navigating the mobility market with innovative solutions, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to a stellar user experience!

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