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Indonesia-based Tokocrypto is causing a stir! With fresh leadership at the helm, they’ve hit the pause button on their IPO plans. Time to shake things up and keep everyone guessing!

  • Captain Change: After Binance’s acquisition, Yudhono Rawis took over the CEO mantle. And like a seasoned captain, he’s steering the crypto-ship with an eagle eye on capital and costs.
  • Exit Stage Left: Co-founder Pang Xue Kai bid adieu last year, turning his talents to Untukmu AI. Before leaving, he dropped a tantalizing hint: Tokocrypto targeting an IPO by 2024 or 2025!
  • Plot Twist: But forget the old script! Rawis, our new CEO, says there’s no definite timeline for the financial debut. It’s like a suspense novel; you never know what’s going to happen next!
  • Partnership Over IPO: Forget about the much-anticipated IPO. Tokocrypto is now looking to form long-term alliances with diverse industries, aiming to add value to its ecosystem. It’s a new plot twist that you didn’t see coming!
  • Market Domination: Tokocrypto is dominating the market with a remarkable 43% share in Indonesia, a significant increase from 23.4% in early 2022. The numbers are equally impressive, with 3 million registered users and an average monthly transaction volume of about US$300 million in the first half of 2023. This is what we call a remarkable growth spurt!
  • The Founders’ Farewell: Co-founder Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda followed Pang Xue Kai’s lead, resigning from his COO position post-Binance acquisition. They’ve both served as commissioners in Tokocrypto briefly. It’s a dramatic goodbye, but the show must go on!

In conclusion, the journey of Tokocrypto has been one of unexpected twists and turns. Despite the exit of its co-founders and the shelving of IPO plans, the company has charted a resilient path under the strategic leadership of CEO Yudhono Rawis. The anticipation is palpable – the future of Tokocrypto is an exciting saga, and we await the next chapter with bated breath.

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