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Hold on to your hats, tech enthusiasts, as we dish out the latest scoop in the tech world. Our star player for the day is none other than Halodoc, our favorite health-tech platform, who’s just raised a staggering $100M in series D funding.

Let’s break it down for you:

  • Hello Doc, Got $100 million?: Halodoc, Indonesia’s healthcare superhero has just hit the jackpot with a whopping $100 million Series D funding. With Astra Digital International leading the pack, Halodoc’s cash cow now moo’s to the tune of $258 million. That’s some serious dough for the doc!
  • Astra’s Encore Performance: Astra is back on the funding stage, after their previous star turn leading the $80 million Series C round. Djony Bunarto Tjondro, the president director of Astra, isn’t just a funding fairy, he’s on a crusade to turn the tide of healthcare services in Indonesia.
  • Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy – All in One: Since 2016, Halodoc has been the healthcare holy grail. With over 20,000 doctors, 3,300 hospitals, and 4,900 pharmacies connected, and 20 million active users, they’ve got the healthcare scene in a headlock!
  • A Little Rain Must Fall: The sun didn’t always shine on Halodoc last year. They had a bit of a squabble with Indonesia’s BPOM over the availability of forbidden drugs on their platform. Halodoc claimed innocence, but BPOM insists they need to keep their platform squeaky clean.

This recent funding boost, led by Astra Digital International, further solidifies Halodoc’s position as a transformative force in the Indonesian healthcare industry. Their commitment to providing accessible and reliable healthcare services remains unwavering.

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